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About Matt Sammon

Like many people who got in to broadcasting, I was "bitten by the bug" at a very young age. Originally from Rochester, New York, but growing up in Tampa, Florida, I knew by the time I was in high school that I wanted to be a professional broadcaster. After learning the ropes of TV production at Armwood High School, I majored in communications with a minor in management at The University of Alabama, graduating in May 2000. While studying, I worked at practically every type of radio station in Tuscaloosa, eventually getting my big break back home in Tampa with "The Sports Animal" WDAE. While at WDAE, I was a producer, show host, and weekend DJ for several other radio stations. I also started my work with the Tampa Bay Lightning as a production assistant in 2001. After getting hired in 2006 as the game day host, I worked my way up to the Director of Broadcasting & Programming, a position I held until August 2019. In July 2021, my family and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, as I took on a new role at Skyview Netwroks.


I joke that I took "the scenic route" in my career: starting with TV production in high school, changing to a radio air personality and production director in college, to sports when I landed in Tampa. My sports experience has brought me some great moments including a Stanley Cup in 2004 (left) and the chance to work with NHL stars such as Victor Hedman (right, with the late great Steve Duemig).

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While my sports and broadcast experiences have been fun, nothing is as rewarding as being a devoted husband and father. Family comes first (left) with my wife Jennifer, and children Patrick and Cassidy. And while I enjoy working in and consulting on content creation and broadcasting, I always look forward to coaching my son and his teammates to achieve big dreams on and off the Little League ball field (right).